Wednesday, September 19, 2007

SharePoint Site Moves, Database Moves and Balancing Growth in MOSS 2007

Sharepoint, one of the most hot topics of the moment.

The sites created in MOSS are no longer just an intranet website, but with the integration of various default or custom created applications it is becoming a daily work tool for the users. Account to this that Sharepoint is also slowly replacing the traditional file server as we know it and you'll understand that the underlying SQL databases are growing rapidly to enormous volumes.

MOSS also specifies databases of max. 15 GB, so creating a well thought-out growth plan is crusial. To accomplish this site moves, database moves, database splitting and balancing are at your disposal.

The following article, created by Cory Burns give you a nice overview of these options, together with examples and printscreens. A very interesting article!
Site Moves, DB Moves/Splits and Balancing Growth

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