Monday, June 16, 2008

VMware tools: ESX StorageView

I've already posted on my blog about the MightyCare ESX Patcher. Now with ESX 3.5 it's become a bit obsolete, but those guys are still working on some pretty cool stuff that you can freely use in your virtual environment.

I've downloaded and installed their MCS Storageview tool, which displays all the logical partitions (so not just the vmdk files) of all your running virtual machines on ESX 3.x or VC 2.x.
The tool can also display how much of the logical partition is free space, so the admin can decrease the partitions if needed.

The tool can be downloaded here. You'll see on the page that there are more cool tools to download, such as the snapshot checker.

VMware tools: ESX Config check: security best practices

This tool is a cool, FREE utility that can scan the security of VMware ESX 3.5 hypervisor configurations compared to the VMware Infrastructure 3 Security Hardening guidelines.

Tripwire ConfigCheck ensures ESX environments are properly configured, offering immediate insight into unintentional vulnerabilities in virtual environments and provides the necessary steps towards full remediation when they are not.

- Ensure recommended ESX configurations
- Discover possible vulnerabilities
- Deploy virtualization safely and securely
- Increase security posture of the entire enterprise
- Easily implement security and compliance best practices
- Reduce configuration drift

This handy freeware can be downloaded here.