Monday, July 23, 2007

AD must have tools

Brian McCann has written an article on his site on which tools are must have for any 'lazy' IT'er.

I'm sure that most of you already know and use the tools:
- GP inventory
- DStool

But this here is really interesting and not so much know:
- PolicyMaker Registry Extension (with this you can actually change registry settings via GPO!)
- Account lockout & management tools: acctinfo.dll, ALoInfo.exe & EventCombMT.exe (Registering this dll will add an extra tab in your AD users & computers with all the account info which not visible before!)
- Remote control add-on (add to the right-click menu in your AD users & computers an option "Remote control" for easier access to the computer)

Except for the policy maker (which is freeware), these tools are all part of Microsofts Resource kit. So fully legal & fully supported.

I've been using these enhancements now for a month a like them so much I wonder how I managed before. A real tip!

Anyway, read his whole article here:
Must have AD tools

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