Friday, October 03, 2008

Microsoft offers cooperative technical support on Validated Virtualized Environments!

What's the biggest concern when virtualizing your environment? No, not performance, not scalability, not management, not costs, ...
Instead, it's the fact that when you have a serious problem, not linked to the fact that the servers are virtualized, you are not covered by the Microsoft support program.

Now, thank to the SVVP (Server Virtualization Validation Program) program you don't have to worry about that anymore. ESX 3.5 U2 is the first VMware hypervisor being covered by the program. Providing VMware customers who run Windows Server and Microsoft applications with access to cooperative support from Microsoft and VMware.

Thus, eliminating one of the biggest factors why enterprises were reluctant to virtualize mission critical servers.

Message from VMware:
Microsoft’s Server Virtualization Validation Program enables VMware and other software providers to test and validate their virtualization software to run Windows Server 2008 and previous versions of Windows Server. Under this program, Microsoft offers cooperative technical support to customers running Windows Server on validated, non-Microsoft server virtualization software, such as VMware ESX 3.5 update 2.

The rest of the article you can read here.

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