Thursday, October 02, 2008

Extracting the details from a CSR certificate request

I'm sure that those of you that have already created, configured and implemented certificates before know the importance of filling in the correct details when creating the certificate request.

The other day I had to create one to secure a website for a customer. But there were a few issues. They had a root certificate authority in place (somewhere in the states), but the site where I was at (Belgium) didn't have any information for me on what I needed to fill in. Viewing the time difference, I couldn't just pick up the phone and call ...

Instead I found this great site that allows you to paste an existing CSR into a tool they created and it extracts all the information you need:
1. Common name
2. Organisation
3. OU
4. City
5. State/Country
6. Country

Very, very cool and handy.

The website you can find here: Check your CSR



Ernie Marquez said...

doesn't this open you up to vulnerabilities

My precious said...

Nope, nothing is saved.
It is just a "on the fly" extraction of the CSR in a text format.
When you close the webpage, all information is gone again