Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Non-functional requirements checklist

I have recently started as an architect at a large international company with as clear objective to improve quality of the current designs being made.

As a first, simple but important, step I have composed a non-functional requirements checklist. Many of us architects many a very good grasp of the technical side and therefore can create very good designs from a technical point of view. But business requirements are often forgotten.

With the checklist I have attached in this post, I've wanted to create a personal checklist for the architect to verify he has covered all aspects of the project he is working on and make sure his design fits in the companies strategy and long-term vision.

Non-functional requirements checklist

As a next step, this checklist can be converted to a business analist's question list. More on that in my next post.



Imran Mirza said...

Hi friend, your download link has issue. I am not able to download it.


My precious said...

Download link checked and functional now.
Make sure your pop-up blocker is turned off.