Thursday, March 27, 2008

Windows 2008 Core (WS08 Core): Core Configurator

When the first versions of Windows 2008 Core came out, I've posted some articles on how you can create user accounts, promote the server to a DC, change screen resolution, ... on the Core server itself.
Once your WS08 Core is setup, you can administer it remotely, as I'm sure you will all already know.

But now, a freeware tool has been created by Guy Teverovsky, a MVP. With this tool, you have a basic GUI that can:
- Change computer name
- Change and configure IP address, subnet mask, default gateway, DNS address
- Change firewall settings
- Join a domain
- Configure remote desktop
- Add or remove roles and features
- Upgrade the server to be a Domain Controller
- Change system time, regional settings
- Configure the paging file
- Activate the server or enter the product ID
- ...

Just download the tool from his blog: CoreConfigurator, install the msi on your WS08 Core server and run the CoreConfigurator.exe file.

The rest after that is point & click. Very cool!

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Asaf said...

A little correction...
The CoreConfig was written by Smart-X Software Solutions (by our former employee Guy Teverovsky the rest of Smart-X developers team)

The tool is provided as free for non-commercial use.

It can be downloaded at