Thursday, February 07, 2008

Exchange 2007: adjust the default message size limits

Already noticed that in Exchange 2007 you cannot change the default message size limits anymore in the traditional Exchange management console?
In het Hub Transport of the Organization Configuration under Send Connectors we can see the various send connectors we have. But it is not possible to change the message limits here.

Of course, we can still change the message size limits on a "per user" basis under Recipient configuration - Mailbox.

Seems pretty excessive for thousands of mailboxes, no?
Of course, you can still change the default settings, but now it has to be done via the Exchange Management Shell.

First we can check how much the message size limit is at the moment with the command:
get-sendconnector | select identity,maxmessagesize.

Now we can change this to for example 20 MB by executing this command:
set-sendconnector "Connector Name" -maxmessagesize 20MB

Run the first command again to check if it worked:

O yeah, restart the Information store service and voila ... :)

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