Tuesday, June 05, 2007

SQL 2005 takes extremely long to install

The other day I had to install a SQL 2005 server at a client to host his sharepoint services.
During the initial setup, no specific options were chosen (mixed authentication, default instance, default corralation, ...), but once the installation got to the "Creating local accounts" and "Settings File security" of the database creation portion, the installation got really slow. In the verbose logging, you saw that the installation did about 3 - 4 settings every 10 minutes!!

This is a known issue when installing on a server which is in a domain that has many external trusts. However, I experienced this in a single domain setup.

Luckily, there are 2 ways around this.

First, is the "quick and dirty" way.
Go to the server locally, so not via a remote desktop and disable the various NIC's. It's ok to do this while the installation is still running. Also if you've specified a domain service account for SQL to run on.
You'll notice the installation continues in a normal pace.
When the installation is done, just re-enable the NIC's and connect to your SQL management suite.

Second, is the more difficult but clean way, especially if you know you have to do this more than just once.
1. Contact Microsoft to obtain hotfix KB901530 (it is not available for download from their site)
2. extract the hotfix in a folder
3. run the .exe with /X to extract them to seperate new folders
AS2005-KB901530-x86-ENU.exe /X:C:\QFE\AS
SQL2005-KB901530-x86-ENU.exe /X:C:\QFE\SQL
DTS2005-KB901530-x86-ENU.exe /X:C:\QFE\IS
NS2005-KB901530-x86-ENU.ex /X:C:\QFE\NS
RS2005-KB901530-x86-ENU.exe /X:C:\QFE\RS
SQLTools2005-KB901530-x86-ENU.exe /X:C:\QFE\Tools
SQLSupport2005-KB901530-x86-ENU.exe /X:C:\QFE\SqlSupport
4. install SQL 2005 with the command:
\Servers\setup.exe SQLSUPPORTPATCH="C:\QFE\SqlSupport\msp\SqlSupport.msp" HOTFIXPATCH="C:\QFE\AS\hotfixas\files\sqlrun_as.msp;


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